Secret Trading Strategy !

Hello Everyone!

 I need a secret trading strategy to make me successful! … but were do I get that? … who will ever give me one? … how much do I need to pay for such a trading plan?

If you have the patience to read the full post, you myght end up with one !

Ok, now let’s do this!

You have started trading and you need to learn some things to understand how it all works! Next thing you know, you are trading a demo account (you should if your aren’t) or you go live directly (not recommended). Now you are learning and trading at the same time. That is great! … but in most cases your trading is not really going great, isn’t it? The problem is that you execute what you have learned and the results are in no way positive or consistent.

By now you are saying, great, you know something, were is the secret strategy?

Here it comes!

What you are learning and is not making you any money, it only makes you lose over and over again is actually your secret trading strategy! Exactly! How is that possible?

Well, it couldn’t actually be any simple then that. Whatever your trading strategy is, just reverse what you are doing now! Yep! It’s that simple! All you need is a loosing strategy! If you are already making profits with your strategy, this is not for you! Just pick any loosing trading plan and reverse it!

Let me explain to you how that works! I will give you guys a example! Let’s say that I use two Simple Moving Averages a 9 SMA and a 24 SMA. Buy when the 9 SMA crosses the 24 SMA from the down side to the up side. Sell when the 9 SMA crosses the 24 SMA from the up side to the down side. I use a H1 time frame. The SL is at the nearest swing low, for the buy and at the nearest swing hi for the sell. The TP is 1.5 x SL. Now, this strategy should make me profits! … but it doesn’t, it makes me lose! Great, all I have to do is reverse the rules!

Be very careful !

Not all losing strategies can be reversed, but 90% of them can be. The above mentioned trading strategy is just an example, if you use it , you do it at your own risk!

Before you establish if a trading plan is a loosing one, test it for some serious time. A few months should help, but the longer the better! The more it makes you lose, the better results it’s reverse will have!

So guys, next time you are angry and tiered of your loosing trades… smile, you just found another winner!

I know that very few of the readers will ever actually be able to benefit! For you guys, congrats! …for the rest, I am sorry for making you read and lose even more time!

So there you have it, your full on secret trading strategy ! Love me or hate me for it!


Thank you for reading !

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Take care everyone and stay green!